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Jiangsu Hudong Machinery Casting Co., Ltd.,A large casting manufacturer in China,Custom-made production and sales of castings


Jiangsu Hudong Machinery Casting Co., Ltd. was formerly known as Shanghai Heqing Machinery Factory. It has specialized in the foundry industry for more than 30 years. The production base is located at No. 1, Jiangzhou Road, Qidong Binhai Industrial Park. The casting production base has a plant area of ​​18,000 square meters and a molding area of ​​10,000 square meters. The annual design and production of castings is 20,000 tons; the existing medium frequency electric furnaces are 3 tons (1 set), 2 tons (1 set) and 0.75 tons (1 set); Resin sand processing equipment, mobile throwing, equipped with advanced detection of metal elements: furnace direct reading spectrometer, carbon sulfur analyzer, intelligent multi-element analyzer, universal testing machine, metallographic instrument, hardness tester and other tensile and necessary Class equipment.
Hudong casting production of various types: gray iron castings (HT150/HT200/HT250/HT300/HT350), ductile iron castings (QT300/QT350/QT400), alloy cast iron parts (C, Si, Mn, P, S, Cr), High chrome plate hammer, machine tool castings (workbench, bed, base, frame, saddle, box, bearing, column, spindle, tool magazine, cutter head, etc.), pump castings (pump body, pump cover, End cap castings, crushers (plate hammers, liners, arm guards) castings, reduction casings, compressor cylinders, gearboxes, cylinder liners, motor seats, valve bodies, etc.
At present, the cooperative enterprises include: Weir Group of the United Kingdom, Doosan Group of South Korea, Deyang of Suzhou, Taiwan Deda, Suzhou Boneng, Kaiquan Pump Industry, Taiwan Mingyu, Yizhong Machinery, Kaibai Precision, Yongzhun Machinery, Weiyang Precision Machinery, Shanghai Electric Appliances, St. Tony Knitting, Otis, Japan Tsudakoma Industrial Co., Ltd., Japan ZTE Xitian and other companies (the company ranks in no particular order). Thanks to the above-mentioned major companies for the affirmation of our company, we will continue to give back to you the love of us with better quality products and after-sales service! At the same time, we welcome new customers to come to the factory for on-the-spot investigation. We hope to cooperate with you sincerely to create a better future!
Jiangsu Hudong Machinery Casting Co., Ltd.

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