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December 2018
Expanding its global business, it is planning to build a Korean branch to better serve its customers in Northeast Asia.
September 2014
Established Taipei branch, responsible for sales and after-sales service in South Asia.
November 2011
In line with the national land improvement, the production base was moved from Pudong Heqing to Jiangsu Qidong Binhai Industrial Park. The new factory is modern and fully equipped to continue to better serve its customers.
October 2008
The North American branch was established to provide business development and customer service in North America.
August 2004
The International Trade Department was established to serve international clients more quickly and expand international business.
April 2000
Established a machining department to provide machining services to customers.
June 1994
Due to business development needs, the plant will be expanded to increase production.
July 1992
The branch was established and engaged in design research and after-sales service.
March 1987
Shanghai Dongqing Foundry Factory Shanghai Heqing Machinery Factory was established and began the development of casting business.

hudong casting

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