Graphic Designer
job requirements:
1. College degree or above, major in art design and advertising design;
2. Proficiency in all types of design software;
3. Can independently complete the advertising design, website interface design and production of albums, folding pages and various mechanical casting products packaging;
4. Advertising graphic design, production and other graphic processing; design of corporate promotional materials;
5. Timely completion of other design tasks assigned by the company;
6. Assist other departments to complete related design work;
7. Have good communication and coordination skills, unique design thinking and color.
Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the company's related visual communication design, production, printing and follow-up;
2. Design and production of company product advertisements;
3. Responsible for the packaging of various visual designs, product functions and concepts;
4. Responsible for the daily promotion work of the company;
5. Assist other departments in the successful completion of design and aesthetic work;
6. Responsible for the company's website style, color matching, layout rationality, picture finishing, corporate logo processing, etc.;
7. Have a certain aesthetic ability, understand photography and color matching.
Employee Benefits:
Meal subsidy, full attendance award, year-end award, free medical examination.

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