The core concept: Let the person who wants the officer have the opportunity, the person who can be the officer has the stage, and the person who does the job has the status and treatment.
Talents are out of the game, not to be seen. We respect each person's knowledge and ability, and pay attention to the quality of employees. We provide opportunities and an environment for fair competition. Strive for employees to achieve self-worth in a competitive and cooperative way. Our basic talent concept is: virtue and morality, morality first, dedication and team first. We don’t know people with Bole’s eyes, only the horses are racing.
The role of talents - the key to the development of enterprises, but the talent is the source of hope and the source of power for enterprise development, and is the most valuable asset in the enterprise. A visionary entrepreneur, a lean and efficient management team, can mobilize all resources inside and outside the enterprise, seize and even create development opportunities, so that enterprises grow from small to strong, from weak to strong.
The concept of talent quality - integrity awareness, innovation ability, team spirit in the market economy conditions, people do not believe is not standing; in the era of knowledge economy, lack of innovation ability will lose the potential for further development; in the broad and profound, high industry relevance In the foundry industry, no genius individual can complete the successful operation of the whole project. A person who is ignorant and lacks a global concept will not be able to adapt to the requirements of the enterprise. Therefore, the talent we need must have both integrity, innovation and teamwork.
Talent Development Concept—Employees grow with the company Talent is a dynamic concept and has a development process. As the company continues to grow and develop, we will provide as many practical opportunities as possible, and strive to create as many training opportunities as possible, including EMBA education, so as to comprehensively improve the nuclear competitiveness of talents and achieve talents. Value added.

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