To develop high-precision machine tools, mold accuracy must

The manufacturing industry is developing faster and faster, the precision requirements of the products are improved, and the product parts are more miniaturized. Therefore, the requirements of the foundry for the molds are getting higher and higher, and the mold products tend to be larger and more precise, not only the parts manufacturing. It is more complicated and precise, and it is necessary to increase the speed of manufacturing. In the face of the increasingly developed mold industry, in order to obtain greater and higher benefits, we must work hard to improve the precision of the mold.
Experts in the foundry industry talked about the export of machine tools, and thought that we are still in a passive state and still at a disadvantage. For the development of molds, we must position ourselves to master the initiative and get rid of the fate of foundry. At the same time, the mold industry should also be developed in the direction of high technology.

      At present, China has the production capacity of all supporting moulds for cars of grade B and below, and can produce cars of other grades below grade B, such as cars, other commercial vehicles, private cars, etc., which will be used in the electronics industry. The precision reaches 2um, the life of precision high-speed multi-station progressive die reaches 200 million times, the weight of single-die and giant die can reach 100 tons, the length of large multi-station die can reach 6 meters, and the light guide plate mold , biochip molds, CD molds and other high-level molds, he can be used for aircraft, automotive, micro-scale precision machining, can be applied to the precision machining of sub-micron molds such as magnetic disks and drums. It can also be used for precision machining of nano-scale ultra-precision electronic devices.
      Many foundry manufacturers need to produce multi-station progressive die, which can be used on high-speed punching machines of 2000 times/min, with an accuracy of 1um. It is also very suitable for large molds and precision plastic molds.
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